First week in Bangalore

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am in India. In my six days in Bangalore, I see everyone on cell phones, English spoken all around and nearly everything available in the U.S. available here. Yes there are the stereotypical cows roaming here and there, but mostly I’ve not felt as much culture shock in moving here as I expected. It also helps that the weather right now is exactly like Los Angeles!

The day I landed at Bangalore airport was 12-13-14. While waiting for my exit from customs, my cousins said they watched the arrival of the blind cricket team after their World Cup win, as well as a beauty pageant winner returning to her hometown. It was also Saturday that police arrested a techie on suspicion of running an ISIS recruitment account on Twitter. Eventful times…


After a few days laying low and recovering from jet lag, the house hunt began today. My cousin and I spent about six hours shuttling around the centrally located Indiranagar area. My worry has been that getting a place as a single woman might prove difficult. It’s more prevalent in cities, but a woman living on her own is not the norm when people typically live with their families or roommates. It’s been funny to see flat listings for “bachelors” or “families.” Only once did I see a listing that added “spinsters” (ouch!)


Typically you pay a deposit of 11 months’ rent (!!!) in addition to the monthly rent. If there’s a broker, his fee is a month’s rent. So it’s a pretty big amount of cash before stepping in the place. The prices are reasonable but not as cheap as I’d guess …  this area runs around $600-800 for a two bedroom. Of course, after paying exorbitant NYC prices, nearly everything looks great. More on the house hunt later … crossing my fingers.