Merry Christmas, part II

One of the nicest things about being away from the U.S. in December is that I have not heard that ubiquitous, irritating and meaningless term “Happy Holidays.” Oh how this phrase irritates me to no end. Yes, I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas and that there are other holidays celebrated at the end of the year, but “Happy Holidays” represents the P.C. hell to which some of our language has devolved. It really warms my heart to hear someone say “Merry Christmas” and thankfully that is all I have been hearing for the last week. It’s strange to think I’m in a Hindu majority country yet no one shies away from wishing anyone and everyone “Merry Christmas.” In a country of 1 billion people and countless languages/dialects/cultures, for sure there is some other holiday around this time but at least here in Bangalore, Christmas is the reason for the season and people are calling it just that. Thank you.