I’m at Cafe Coffee Day, which is a large chain of coffee joints across India. The Lamborghini dealership is right across the street, in the heart of Bangalore. Since it opened last year, they’ve sold at least three cars. Not sure why anyone would want to drive such a beautiful car on these traffic-clogged, potholed streets … but the mere fact there is a dealership tells us how much money people have in this city. The sheer amount of disposable income is actually astounding, especially considering that the conventional thought about India in the Western world is that this is a poor country. Yes, there is a huge amount of poverty. But along with that comes a magnified sense of inequality from the 1 billion+ people and the massive, increasingly well off middle and upper classes. For example, it is no longer rare for Indians to visit Europe and the U.S. for vacations. But consider they are making these trips when the purchasing power of the rupee is about 63 to $1. Truly amazing. Just one example of how life is changing and improving for the average Indian. And one day the “poverty script” that plays in the West will also catch up with the reality of this narrative.