4 Months in India

Today is 4/13/15. I arrived here 12/13/14. That makes it exactly 4 months since I moved to Bangalore and to India. It’s still strange to me that I have not experienced any culture shock. Moreover, I still do not miss the U.S. Of course I miss my family and friends and cat. And I am absolutely starved for the sight of an ocean, a (clean) lake or a river. That’s likely been the toughest adjustment of all: learning to live in a landlocked city.

When I left New York/Los Angeles, I made a resolve not to step foot in the U.S. for a year. So the commitment is to a full year of living in India. When the year is over, I need to make a decision about staying on, going back home or trying out life in another city. No reason to make any plans now, though I should say that quite a few people have said that 1 year here will not be enough. And now I’m slowly beginning to understand their point. It took 2 months to find an apartment. And about the same time to start working. Forget about all the stories I want to do here … there are so many places to visit!

So if I can sum up my experiences of Bangalore in a few points, I would say:

—  nice, friendly people for the most part

— even, dry weather. every time i want to complain about the heat (as high as 100F) i remember that it could be humid and so much worse.

— so many different types of YUMMY food — Western, Eastern and blends of both.

— detest the traffic and all its attendants: dirty air, inconsiderate drivers, wasted time on the roads. every day i’m walking here i think about india having the highest road fatalities and wonder if i’ll get hit.

— irritated by the piles of garbage and lack of infrastructure. even walking on a sidewalk — where there is actually a sidewalk — is a challenge. it’s never even, you have to watch out for loose concrete and holes

— love the animals — street dogs and cows — almost everywhere. though sad to see them eating from garbage dumps

— jacaranda trees. reminds me of home.