Turquoise Writing

Professional Writing Coach and Content Creation Services

Coaching: Whether you are a student, young professional or executive looking to improve your communication skills, clear, descriptive and concise writing is key. With expert guidance and encouragement, a struggling writer can transform into a confident one.

  • For Individuals: We begin with an assessment of your writing skills and a discussion about your personal and professional goals. Based on that, I develop a personalized coaching program with a weekly session held in person or via telephone/video call. The program includes interactive instruction, writing exercises and editing/feedback. 
  • For Groups: custom-crafted group sessions of 10-15 people allow colleagues to improve their individual writing skills and work together to achieve their organization’s communications goals.
  • Experience: private clients and writing/communication sessions at Amnesty International, Tata Consultancy Services, Ashoka India, Express Institute of Media Studies and Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies 

Content Creation: Effective marketing and corporate communication depend on engaging your audience with stories. I build on my writing and production expertise to create content for corporates and non-profits to tell their stories and grow their brands.

  • Written: examples include press releases, newsletters, website content, news articles
  • Audio/Video: examples include podcasts, slideshows, testimonial videos, documentary-style stories     

Why “Turquoise” WritingThe word turquoise means a few things to me. It’s my favorite color. The word is derived from the French turquois for “Turkish” and Turkey is my favorite country. Turquoise is also found abundantly in the Southwestern U.S. where I was born and raised.    

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