Lost Dog in the Rocky Mountains


Here’s “Dusty” pretending to ignore the cat at the Mt. Crested Butte police station. My friend Lisa and I found this cute black Lab hanging out by a road sign at about 10,500 feet right next to the forest. As we were driving by, Lisa noticed how friendly he was — and that there was no collar or owner nearby. So we took him in the car with us, especially since it was getting really late and the temperatures were dropping. We first visited the police station but it was after hours (and a big town festival was that night) so the next stop was a terrific rescue organization in town. Two volunteers there checked him for a microchip but nothing came up. So we left him there and Lisa got a phone call a few hours later informing her the owner had been calling around and located him. Apparently, Dusty is a serial runaway. So here’s my rant for the evening: put on a collar and microchip your pet!!! Especially if you know he’s prone to running away. I have to admit I had an impossible daydream that I took this cute guy along with me on the rest of my roadtrip. How much fun would that be!!!