Someone asked me a few weeks ago — I forgot where … Missouri, South Dakota? — whether I ever get lonely traveling by myself. The answer is no. And I truly mean that. Sure, there are times when I wish there were another person to help me navigate the roads or look up an interesting sight in a new town. But the truth is that with technology — my GPS, social media, the radio — there is always noise and the feeling of loneliness does not enter the picture. Now I’m not saying that technology fills the void. There have been HOURS that I have driven in silence, with no music or phone calls. And that’s the true test. Can I stand to be alone with myself and my thoughts? The answer is yes, I can. It’s really only in times of solitude that I can process what is going on with my life and where I want to go. And most amazingly of all, to live absolutely in the moment. That is a rare feeling indeed. However, I am a social person and love people and when I do want to talk to someone, I pick up the phone or look around and there is always someone interesting around. That’s the biggest advantage of traveling alone. I absolutely want to reach out and say hello and talk with someone new. Every single person has an absolutely fascinating story. And more often than not, he or she wants to talk about it with someone who will listen.