Dogs and Cats

Yesterday I went to visit an animal shelter and last night I couldn’t sleep very well. The first shelter was for sick, injured and abandoned stray and pet dogs. Of the 67 dogs, about 25 were once pets. People who abandon their animals should be jailed, or better yet, someone should cast them out into the street. An eye for an eye.

There was also a very small “cattery” with just three cats inside individual large cages. Within the large enclosure, there was also a mother dog with her eight puppies. It seemed the animals were being cared for.

The same could not be said for the shelter next door. I could hear endless barking as I approached the building. About 20 dogs were indoors in isolated enclosures. The walls were high so they couldn’t look at each other but several jumped up to look and sometimes bark when I passed by. One little dog at the end of the hallway looked unwell. He was chained outside the enclosure. Another Labrador was also chained outside his cell and was straining to come near me, his tail wagging. I was afraid to touch it, though, unsure of his temperament or any skin issues. Now I wish I had pet him. Getting into the shelter was strange. I had to sign a register and then was escorted by a shelter employee. It seemed they had something to hide.

On the walk back, it was rather jarring to see this:


What a contrast between the dogs in the shelters and these pedigreed show dogs.

It also made me think of:


My very sweet Rhea. So many, many animals are not as lucky.