Trekking in the Western Ghats

For the May 1 long weekend, I joined a trekking group to a place called Kodachadri. It was about 15km (9 miles) through some beautiful hilly areas. The second half of the hike was very steep. And it didn’t make it any easier that it was close to 100F degrees. But we all made it to the top!


Beautiful waterfall midway through the hike


I was worried about leech encounters. Somehow this guy found my ankle and latched on. YUCK.


The first climb was incredibly steep, though with a rewarding view.


Street dogs hanging out at a temple near the top of the hike. Tempting to pet them until you remember they are not sterilized or vaccinated against rabies!


This is on the way drive back to Bangalore the next day. Mama pig and her three little piggies were having their lunch directly in front of the restaurant where we stopped.